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The Advantages of Buying Titled Land in Perth

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Explore the many advantages of buying titled land, especially in a growing market like Perth, where demand and competition are both high.

Purchasing the perfect block of land to build your dream home is an exciting experience in anyone’s life, whether it’s your first time or one of many.

However, during the land-buying process, there's a lot to consider. From location and land size to the type of home you want to build, a lot goes into bringing your vision to life. One lesser-known consideration is whether you are purchasing ‘titled’ or ‘untitled’ land. So, what are titles, and what do they mean to you as a buyer?

The most significant advantage of purchasing titled land is that it saves you a lot of time. With the settlement process being able to begin almost immediately after purchase and a faster development process, you essentially get into your dream home sooner. But the advantages don't stop there.

In this article, we explore the many advantages of buying titled land, especially in a growing market like Perth, where demand and competition are both high.

What is titled land?

The term titled land refers to land that has been officially registered with the local land authority and is recognised with a legal title that provides clear ownership status. In addition to outlining the legal owner of the land, a title also provides important details about the property, including its boundaries, size and any encumbrances of restrictions.

Typically, a piece of land in Western Australia must have legal titles before it can be sold. Purchasing titled land offers a host of benefits, including a clearer picture of lot boundaries, the freedom to begin the construction process, and a streamlined property-purchase process. With this kind of land, you get a sense of security and the rare opportunity to bring your dream home to life.
When you choose to live at Rivermark, you’ll be spoilt for choice with land lots that cater to buyers of all types. With titled land for sale, varying in size and price, there is an option to suit purchasers at any stage of life.

The advantages of buying titled land in Perth

If you're looking to speed up the development process and get into your home sooner, titled land is a great solution. With the land already titled, the finance and settlement procedure can start immediately which means the land can be transferred into you ownership quicker. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to wait months for the settlement process to begin, but this also gives you a more reliable timeframe on the settlement process and when you might be able to begin construction.

Here are some of the other key advantages of titled land:

Ownership Certainty:

  • Titled land provides clear ownership documentation, offering buyers confidence and assurance, knowing they're protected in their property investment.

Immediate Development Opportunities:

  • Titled land is often ready for immediate site development, allowing buyers to commence their requested construction without delays associated with land titling processes.

Faster Transaction Process:

  • Purchasing titled land typically involves a more streamlined and faster transaction process compared to untitled land, reducing the time from purchase to possession.

Infrastructure and Amenities:

  • Titled land is often part of established developments with existing infrastructure and amenities, enhancing the overall appeal and convenience for residents. Take Rivermark as an example. Our thriving master planned community is home to more spacious and established living, connecting you to everything you need for convenience and a life of enjoyment.

Increased Property Value:

  • Titled land tends to appreciate in value more rapidly as it is ready for development. This can result in higher returns on investment over the long term.

Certainty in Land Boundaries:

  • The boundaries of title land are clearly defined, which minimises potential boundary disputes and provides a clear understanding of the property's extent. The clearly defined property line ensures ownership clarity and facilitates a seamless link between the land and its development plan.

Easier Financing:

  • Lenders are generally more receptive to financing on titled land, resulting in better terms for buyers and a smoother financing process.

Reduced Holding Costs:

  • Titled land typically incurs lower holding costs as it is ready for development, reducing costs associated with prolonged waiting times.

Titled land options in Perth



For buyers searching for titled land, Perth's dynamic real estate landscape is an attractive option.

As Perth continues to expand at a rapid rate, vacant land is becoming available in areas both new and old. But, with demand and competition for land high, finding titled land for properties in the area of your choice - or close to it - can be challenging.

Rivermark offers a level of ease and family convenience that is rare in many new land estates in other areas of Perth. And when it comes to land, Rivermark provides a level of choice buyers will struggle to find across the whole Perth region. Offering a wide range of titled land options, including a number of different land sizes and vacant lots, you'll be able to find the titled land lot that's perfect for you.


From hold to sold: Why demand for titled land continues to grow

Investing in titled land in Perth presents buyers with a multitude of advantages. From a clear ownership structure to the streamlined development process, titled land has quickly emerged as an attractive option for those seeking both immediate development opportunities and long-term property value.

At Rivermark, our thriving master planned community is home to more spacious and established living, connecting you to everything you need for convenience and a life of enjoyment. With titled land now selling, there’s an excellent opportunity for you to live here sooner.

But, with demand high, titled land options will only be available for a limited time, so get in quick to secure yours.

Explore our titled land options, varying in size and price, with the option to filter by price, lot size and frontage.