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Sustainability Incentive Program

At Rivermark, sustainability is at the very core of the community. We have incorporated a range of incentives in our Sustainability Incentive Program, designed to ensure a thriving natural environment for all.

The Sustainability Incentive Program is available to every Rivermark buyer and includes fencing and waterwise front landscaping as a standard inclusion. Additionally, you can choose from a range of added inclusions listed below to help you further embrace a sustainable way of life.

As a Rivermark resident, you can choose to take up the Solar Maximiser Service and be part of the energy transition with a solar battery service.

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Standard Inclusion

Fencing & waterwise front landscaping

All Rivermark homes will receive fencing and waterwise front landscaping ensuring streetscapes flow naturally into one another and mirror their riverside setting. Woodland Grey colourbond fencing will be installed to the side and rear of the property, providing a style appropriate to the design of the home and its streetscape.

Waterwise front landscaping will include native plants and suitable groundcover materials at the front of homes.